KidzWorld is a multilevel, expansive kids- jungle gym and daycare.  Designed to stimulate the minds and bodies of children toddler to – tween so they can have fun and be active while their parents workout. Available for children ages 2 months to 12 years

Lows fees are a membership benefit, enabling our members and their guests to ensure their children are well attended while they enjoy their workouts! Ultimate Fitness members pay only $2 per child per 2-hour limit .Non-members pay just $5 per child, per 2-hour limit

KidzWorld hours are set to accommodate most schedules:

Mondays thru Saturdays:
9:00 AM – noon

Mondays thru Fridays:
4:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Ultimate Fitness for Youth and Teens

Ultimate Fitness is the place to be for young men and women aged 10 to 17.  We have established certain criteria for different age groups to make sure we provide a safe and healthy environment.

We keep it simple:

Youth ages 10 through 13 must complete the Youth Exercise Certification assessments to have access to equipment and have a guardian present at all times.

Teens age 14 and 15 must be members and have a guardian present at all times.

Teens age 16 and 17 must be members and have signed parental consent.

Kids Swim

$2 per child, or $5/month per child (3-month minimum age)

Personal Training & Aerobic Classes

Personal Training for Kids 8- 13 to utilize the facilities with direct guidance of a trainer. Ask about a FREE Fitness Consultation

All aerobic classes – FREE (with membership) for kids 10 & up. Parent/Guardian must be present at all times.

Birthday Bashes

What could be better than a party at KidzWorld?  Enjoy a fun filled party full of action.  Keep the kids moving with games and activities in water or on land.  Our well-trained, energetic, and friendly staff will organize age-appropriate games and activities, keeping the kids involved and having fun at either party venue.

Schedule your child’s next birthday party with Ultimate Fitness.

Bettendorf: Kidz World Party Times: 2-5 Sat or Sun

Rock Island: Pool Party Times: 2-5 Saturday, or 2-5 Sunday.

$75 for members
$100 for non-members