Weight Loss

Want to Look & Feel Your Best

Want to Live Life with More Energy?

Our approach is to address your health from the inside-out.  And the best way to improve your health is combining all the health components – cardiovascular health, strength training, and diet/nutrition.

Our professional staff will guide you through each workout with our ActivTrax program.  We include a detailed nutrition plan designed to accelerate your metabolism and fat loss, and we constantly run motivational weight-loss contests with great prizes to keep everyone focused and having fun!

When you join us, we help you:

Lose Body Fat

Increase Muscle Tone

Control Diabetes

Reduce Stress

Manage Fibromyalgia

Reduce Cellulite

Enhance Overall Health & Fitness

Lower Blood Pressure

Decrease Cholesterol

Improve Bone Density

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To participate, you need to meet these basic requirements:

Have at least 15 pounds to lose

Agree to workout at least 35 minutes, 3-days a week

Follow our sensible eating plan designed to stimulate your metabolism

Utilize our guidance through every workout program (ActivTrax)