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Don’t Take Our Word for It…



Here are actual unsolicited word-for-word comments members made on our last member survey…

In January I made a commitment to get healthy.  I signed up for Active Trax, I weighed 220 pounds and was 33% body fat. When I weighed out of the Biggest Loser competition, I weighed 172 pounds and was 12.5% body fat.  In 15 months I lost 51 pounds of fat, lowered my resting heart rate to the 54-58 range, lowered my LDL cholesterol into the optimal range, increased my HDL cholesterol into the normal range, decreased my triglycerides well below the acceptable range, and most importantly lowered my glucose readings from pre-diabetic into the optimal range.

I am part of the “early morning” crew and find the friendly staff and fellow “athletes” a great way to start my day.


Great place, friendly staff.

Hey guys, Ultimate fitness is by far the best gym in the QC. I mean this place is always rocking. After I got a case of the shingles last spring I was shocked because doctors said children don’t get such a problem. After that I made a commitment to get healthy and get in shape. Thats when I turned to ULTIMATE FITNESS. Ever since joining, I have felt better and even lost a significant amount of weight. In addition I have gained some muscle to impress the ladies. Thanks for all your help!

I feel comfortable just being myself there.

I love UF because it is a very friendly atmosphere. The staff always greet you and say goodbye. They are helpful and seem to want to be sure I get what I need. I also like that I can feel comfortable working out there no matter my fitness level, I don’t have to be a huge muscle builder and I don’t have to wear a matching spandex workout outfit.


I love working out at Ultimate Fitness!  The staff is so friendly and the equipment is great!

Hey Ultimate, I’m not going to lie, but you guys actually make me look forward to my next trip to the gym. I love the staff there as they always greet me and talk to me with loads of respect and joy. I used to go to Gold’s Gym, but then switched over to you guys. I tell you, it was a good idea. I have lost much more weight at Ultimate, and thankfully it has stayed off! I feel like your atmosphere is just more upbeat which makes me want to work even harder. I am proud to be a member of ultimate fitness.  Thanks for everything, Sapna

I have just joined the activtrax program and so far I absolutely love it! I am actually excited to come to the gym and I’m not bored while I am there! Thank you Amanda – I really appreciate it!!  I am so excited to have that added – I love Ultimate Fitness!

I want to tell you that every class I take is fabulous … I look forward to them every time.  Deb

Hey Guys, I just wanted to thank you folks at Ultimate in Iowa. I mean you guys have really helped me lose weight and keep it off. After my son started working out i had to hit the weights ’cause he was getting stronger and i couldn’t let him beat me. I love the new results and thanks for all you have done. Thanks, Manesh ‘Mac”

I was reluctant to come and join as I figured it would be like any other gym that I have experienced… I think this time will be different and I just wanted to pass on kudos to you, Chris, Landon and all the staff.

I’m enjoying my workouts.  I really like the ActivTrax, coming in to have the workouts right there for me.  Haven’t worked this hard for a long time!  Much needed!  I also appreciate the exercise sheets for the ActivTrax and the abs…helps to just be able to go to the book and not have to track down a trainer.  I’m down 5 pounds in the first week, so very excited about the results so far!  Jodi  :)

It is always open at the times that I need to work out. It is close to my work and my training is based on the time limit that I have so I am able to work out on my lunch hour.

Activ trax seems to be working ok.  Love the work out so far.  Your people that work at the club are very helpful, and friendly.   Sincerely, Bob

The staff is always willing to help out and answer my questions.

I just wanted to drop a note to say that I have joined several gyms in my 47 years of life and I am very pleased with the reception that I received at Ultimate.  The staff has been very friendly and helpful.

Chris was awesome and very knowledgeable.  Most gyms I have joined in the past were only interested in getting me signed up.  Ultimate goes the extra mile by making me feel  informed and cared about.

Ultimate does what it takes to make a member want to stay.  Ultimate offers so much…. the orientation with Chris, the active trax, the staff, diet analysis, smoothies, the equipment, the welcoming emails.  It keeps a person from feeling “forgotten” once they have signed up.  I even noticed a staff member actually walking around cleaning equipment.

With today’s concerns of the upcoming flu season, that was a very comforting feeling to know people are cleaning during the busy times of the day, not just at night when a gym closes.

Hi Amanda — well yes I think I  have been keeping up on my commitment to health and fitness…!   Thanks for checking in with me.  Am down 31 pounds since January.  Kurt

The staff at the RI club is wonderful.

You have a great number and variety of equipment (what a pain it is to wait for a machine – it rarely happens at your place) and the staff is so nice. Your childcare facilities are fantastic, which was really important when I started working out at Ultimate.

It is good to be back in the gym.  This is a first for my wife Mary but she seems to be sticking with it.  We are currently easing our way back in with aerobic activity and circuit training.  I was a member two years ago and quit due to health reasons but now I am back.  I have worked out in many gyms over the years and yours is one of the best offering a great variety of quality equipment, worm atmosphere, and a well maintained building.  We have a goal of losing some weight and improving our overall health.  It’s not as easy as when I was younger but I am having just as much fun.  Thanks for the welcome note, it’s great to be back! Thanks,KEVIN

I think you have an awesome club. The staff is very friendly and very helpful. The equipment seems up to date and is very clean. The trainers are very knowledgeable

I love this club and look forward to working out and tanning there on a regular basis.

Great value for the price.