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Proper Diet and Nutrition for Optimal Health

Nutrition tends to be the “forgotten” aspect when it comes to fitness.  Any successful fat-loss program MUST include proper nutrition (as well as cardio and resistance training).  At Ultimate Fitness, we will incorporate all three.  With nutrition, we will teach you ways to increase your metabolism through your diet.  Many ‘diets’ teach restriction or skipping meals or food.  Many of these will slow your metabolism and trick your body into storing bodyfat instead of burning it.

At Ultimate Fitness, with our DietMasterPro program, we will teach you to to stimulate that metabolism so you are constantly burning, instead of storing.  And this is FREE with membership!

kelly sInterested in learning more about nutrition and dietary health?  Why not schedule a complimentary and private session with our Staff Nutritionist, Kelly.  He is available for consultations at times convenient for your schedule.

Stop by the club or email to set up and appointment!

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